StrongHerMe Coaching Session 1: Tiffany Matthews launching a blog

Our November theme is centered around reclaiming home.

What small actions on your goals add up to big impact over time? That’s the question we address in this week’s podcast episode.

Episode 33 listen in on a laser coaching session with Kendra Tillman and Tiffany Matthews. Tiffany is a wife, mom, entrepreneur and blogger. As a member of the StrongHerMe Facebook group, she volunteered to share her journey to her 90 day goal with the group. Once or twice a month, Kendra will share a coaching session, so you can get a glimpse into the progress Tiffany’s making and hopefully, inspire you to make progress on your own goal.

Share your takeaways and any actions you will take on your goals on the blog or leave a comment on Instagram.

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