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This laser coaching session is for you if you’re ready to…

Discover your zone of genius for solving problems.  

Experience more freedom and energy to bring a more authentic version of yourself to work. 

Level up your productivity and leadership skills.

Leverage your natural strengths using a time-tested for more joy in your business, ministry, or life!

I had the pleasure of working with Kendra most recently in an AWS Leadership Development Program, where Kendra lead a Kolbe Assessment training. Throughout the training, Kendra was amazing! Her leadership and communication skills were superior, and her attention to detail when explaining the assessment- and how it correlates to your personal and professional life- were spot on! Working with Kendra was a true pleasure; I would highly recommend Kendra for any leadership development trainings or programs you may have, as she is a very empowering leader and facilitator!

Leadership Development Program Participant

Courtney U

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Yes, additional coaching sessions for ongoing support for leveraging your strengths at home and at work are recommended.

Do you offer additional support after the call?

Your $55 covers your Kolbe A Index. As my gift to you, I offer the coaching session at no additional cost.

Why only $55?

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Kendra Tillman, the founder of Coaching & Consulting, on a mission to empower leaders to live their strengths for greater resilience. 

Kendra Tillman

MEET YOUR COACH's personal and professional development programs help organizations invest in rising leaders who need to build and sustain their mental and emotional resilience to be effective.

She has been passionately championing leaders since 2014, dedicated to equipping them for career advancement and personal fulfillment. In 2019, she obtained her personal and executive coaching certification from the CaPP (Coaching and Positive Psychology) Institute. She also become a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant in 2019 and obtained her Kolbe Certified™ Team Specialist designation in 2023.

With an extensive background collaborating with leaders across various industries, Kendra has provided work performance solutions and strength development strategies for business leaders ranging from fast-growing nonprofit organizations like Women of Color in Pharma to online entrepreneurs and global corporations like Amazon, Bloomberg, and Bank of America.

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 Take your next step in self discovery and in the development of your strengths. 

 Take your next step in self discovery and in the development of your strengths. 
Get started now for only $55!

Activate Your “A” Mini-Session

Get started now for only $55!