For a boost in mental energy and an improved state of mind knowing and operating from your strengths is essential.

We feel more productive and less stressed at work and home when we operate from our strengths.

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Which one most sounds like you?

You’re here for inspiration and practical tools that empower you to bounce back from adversity, so you can cultivate the courage you will need to take action.

I’m building confidence in my ability to use my unique voice to advocate for what matters to me.


As you become more visionary in your leadership, you are seeking out strategies that will strengthen how you view yourself so you can engage and communicate to your team with confidence.

My leadership capacity is growing and I’m feeling stretched. I want to invest in my growth. 


You've experienced or witnessed the power of team synergy in others. You’re here seeking the most effective methods for activating that synergy in your team.

As I’m learning to embrace my strengths and my limitations, I’m also learning the power of activating my team members so we can go farther than I could go on my own.


I'm Kendra Tillman, founder of Strongher.Me. I know firsthand how settling in life because of fear gives a false sense of security, stalling you from progressing towards God’s vision for your life. 

Stop Shrinking.
Start Working Your Plan!


On my journey, God activated courage within me to live my CALLING.

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No longer blocked by fear, I realized my mistakes didn’t have to define me. I also learned complacency is not the response to failure, faith is. Our empowerment resources (coaching programs, events and products) allow me to come alongside you so that, rather than spending years second-guessing yourself or doubting the vision God has given you, you can fearlessly and faithfully obey your God-given calling. I’ve been intentional about developing solutions that meet your needs as a woman and a visionary.

Get started with my laser-coaching session so you can tap into your problem-solving strengths & lead more authentically in your business or ministry!

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Today was awesome and eye-opening! I learned so much about my Kolbe strengths. Knowing that I'm best at Specifying - Maintaining - Innovating - Envisioning means something totally different than 7-5-8-1. Thank you so much for the clarification. Selling through the process of being Ready, Willing & Able will be a game changHER for me.

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Terri White

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