May 5, 2017

Ep 13: Women Who Create with Debi Adams

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Entrepreunership is one of my absolute favorite topics. For the month of May we are sitting down with 4 enterprising women to learn from their entrepreneurial journey. It’s really important for me to showcase everyday women who remind us of what’s possible with growth, some grit and a whole lot of God’s grace. These 4 women each have a unique spin on entrepreneurship. Some of them work their businesses on the side while working for someone else. Others are full time entrepreneurs or have been in the past. Either way, they have tapped into their unique giftings and found work they love and are being paid for. Your going to love their stories!

Debi Adams

Our first guest for this series is Debi Adams. I met Debi in my previous job. She is a very gifted designer and artists.

You can see 3 examples of her work below. She even has her own product line! STUNNING & FUN!

Debi Adams proj 3

From Debi’s New Product Line


Debi Adams proj 2

Mixed Media Project by Debi


Debi Adams proj 1

Card Project by Debi

Debi has been involved in the art industry for more than 35 years and feels blessed to make a living from her passions. Her experiences include floral arranging, sewing, home and party decor, calligraphy, watercolor, set stylizing, photography as well as paper crafting. She has been featured in Somerset Studios, Apronology, Where Women Create, Where Women Cook and a myriad of other magazines and books. A teacher by degree but an artist at heart, Debi is a California native but relocated to Arizona just two years ago. She loves spending time with her four grown daughters and “junking” at garage/estate sales and thrift stores.

You can view her work on her blog at
on Instagram: @debi_adams
on Facebook: Debi Adams

on Spellbinders Paper Arts website: Debi’s Collections

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