October 20, 2021

103: Shifting Your Sales Mindset with Dr. Nadia Brown

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For the month of October, we’re hosting a series about moving beyond our fears to GROW a business or ministry! We’re talking with leading experts so that we can help address some of the common fears faced so that we can move forward in the work we are called to do!

Today we are discussing sales with Global Sales and Sales Training expert Dr. Nadia Brown of The Doyenne Agency.

Dr. Nadia Brown is the CEO of The Doyenne Agency and they specialize in helping clients have the courageous sales conversations needed to create consistent cash flow in their businesses.

The Doyenne Agency helps service-based clients increase their sales results by teaching them and their teams how to lead sales conversations, adjust their pricing and create deep relationships with prospects and clients. Their clients have credited us directly for raising their rates, decreasing their refund requests, and doubling or even tripling their annual revenue. 

Connect with Dr. Nadia by visiting www.thedoyenneagency.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamdrnadia


Show Notes:

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