September 19, 2019

The Art of Hospitality with Alexa Mason of Grace & Cherish

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Alexa Mason Art of Hospitality

Our guest for episode 58 of the podcast is Alexa Mason. Alexa is a wife, a mom of 2 preschoolers and one on the way and the owner of the Grace & Cherish ecommerce store where she provides beautiful art and home decor with a deep message. Their blog chronicles her family’s journey toward creating a home. It focuses on projects and decorating while sharing how they intentionally fostering a spirit of hospitality that starts in our home and spreads to our neighbors and greater community. Her podcast is a place to dive deeper into topics about life — faith, home, womanhood, race — it’s all there. Together, they serve as a guide in the discovery of the art of hospitality.

In this episode, we discuss hospitality in its many forms: washing the feet of the homeless, conversations around race, small groups, in the way we love our families. There will be things you’re probably already doing and things you probably wish you were doing better. We also talk about the origins of her ecommerce store, Grace & Cherish You’re going to like Alexa.She uses  words to explore hospitality in very creative ways – an etsy biz, her podcast. Her love for people and the gospel message is very real and tangible and inspiring. On IG @strongherme & @kendratillman I’ll share one of the beautiful prints she sent me.


“How can I sit with you in what you love and be present?” – Alexa Mason

“…within race, if there’s anything you take from conversations think about Christ and how he laid down the many privileges he had and he had many heavenly holy privileges and you have to do the same and if you aren’t willing to do that from the biblical standpoint of following Jesus…we just won’t get there. You have to have humility to do that.” – Alexa Mason

“Hospitality is the generous serving of others, considering them better than oneself. It incorporates both inviting in and going out, which is why hospitality is a lifestyle not limited to our homes.” – Alexa Mason


Show Notes:

Grace & Cherish

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