March 28, 2019

The Required Cliff Jump with Brandice Daniel

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Welcome back! The 5th Annual You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Conference was at the beginning of this month.

Here are my 3 big takeaways:

  • One word or idea that came to heart in this planning process was my need for validation. God silenced that doubt.
  • I thought this would be our last year, but I believe we’re just getting started. All that we’ve learned has positioned us for what’s next.
  • My vision/assignment is for the Christian woman in the marketplace. She needs to see women leading in arts, entertainment, government, business, etc. My event caters to her needs.

Our Keynote Speaker was Brandice Daniel, the founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row. She shared her journey of growing her company for the last 11 years.

Brandice’s definition of a Cliff Jump?

“A cliff jump is taking an action towards your goal despite your qualifications, the fear you feel about how things will turn out, what people will say, your lack of confidence or the doubt you might have about your own worthiness.”


What was your takeaway from this message?

Share your thoughts with us on Instagram @StrongHerMe .

Take Action:

(1) Join the S.T.R.O.N.G. Womanhood Growth Circle, a sisterhood of accountability for women ready to act courageously in their calling. Full details at

(2) For access to access to the remainder of Brandice’s talk on what you do after the cliff jump + the other sessions from the event visit and become a tribe member.

(3) Through the StrongHerMe Facebook group I learned that several women in the community are writing books. For the month of April I’m  talking to different women making their living within the publishing industry. I plan to interview an editor, a writing coach and a published author.

I want the interview to reflect your burning questions. What is stopping you from starting or finishing your book? Where are you stuck in your book writing? What do you want to know about self publishing versus traditional publishing?

Share your questions by tagging us on instagram @StrongHerme or emailing me at and you may hear your question on one of the episodes in April.


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