December 22, 2020

Conducting Your Year In Review (2020) with Isha Cogborn

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Isha Cogborn is our guest for episode 82 of #WorkYourPlan with Kendra. Isha is a personal brand strategist & the founder of Startup Life Support and Epiphany Institute.

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Start reflecting on your year by conducting your own year in review:

  1. List your 3 most memorable WINS of 2020.
  2. What did you try that you didn’t complete, but you plan to keep working towards in 2020?
  3. What are 1-2 lessons learned in 2020 that will change how you approach 2020?

This is the last podcast episode of 2020. This is our 82nd episode, so if you’re new to the podcast, there’s plenty of great episodes you’ve missed. Even if you’re not new, more than likely you’ve missed a few. If you follow me on instagram @KendraTillman or if you’re on my email list, I’ll be sharing the most popular episodes for you to go back and listen to. 

It’s been quite a year. Thank you for listening if this podcast has helped you mentally break free in some way in 2020, share it with someone you know & leave us a review on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to this podcast. 

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