January 9, 2018

Ep 19 Meet the Mentor Series: Isha Cogborn

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One of my favorite things to do leading up to the 2018 You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s event is to host the Meet the Mentor series. This series of podcast episodes will give you a taste of the teaching you can expect the day of the event. Meet the Mentor is your confirmation you have signed up for an amazing experience and if you’ve held out to the last minute, it’s your tap on the shoulder to get you, your girlfriends and the teen girls in your life registered.

For the Meet the Mentor series I have recorded my conversations with our 7 dynamic speaker-mentors.

The first conversation I want to share is with Coach Isha Cogborn. Isha is a certified life and corporate coach, entrepreneur, and former Fortune 50 global communicator, she brings all of her experiences to the table –including the clutches of poverty as a teenage mother on welfare. She’s the author of the book, 5 Rules to Win Being You and founder of Startup Life Support – A program for people who need a helping hand overcoming the fear and overwhelm of starting a business. She’s also one of my dearest friends and the MC for the 2018 event.

In this episode, Isha and I talk about divine discontent and what to do when you experience it and how to be less busy and more effective and the value of community in living into your purpose.

Show Notes:

48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller

5 Rules to Win Being You by Isha Cogborn

2018 You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Event

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Episode Quotes:

“Create some whitespace in your life.” – Isha Cogborn

“Live your life and pay attention what God is already saying to you.” – Kendra Tillman


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