January 14, 2018

Ep 23 Meet the Mentor Series: Angela Sticca-Snyder

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One of my favorite things to do leading up to the 2018 You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s event is to host the Meet the Mentor series. For the Meet the Mentor series I have recorded my conversations with our 7 dynamic speaker-mentors.

Angela Sticca Snyder is one of the panelist for the #WorkYourPlan Purpose Panel we will be hosting at the 2018 You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Event.

Angela graduated from High School at 16, earned her Bachelors in Accounting at 19; and her Master’s degree in Taxation at 21.

She is a wise business woman who knew early on accounting would be her career path. Her talents lie in organization and creating peace of mind out of chaos, including being proactive in planning for the future, and of course, making taxes and accounting FUN and understandable. After spending 20 years in corporate accounting, she started her own tax accounting business that now has 10 employees. In this episode, she  shares a little of her journey to entrepreneurship, offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and talks about the best part of owning her own business.

Show Notes:

Taxanista Accounting Services

You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Event

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Episode Quotes:

“You have to know how to follow before you can lead.”

“A good leader listens to others.” – Angela Sticca-Snyder

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