March 9, 2018

Ep 27- 2018 STRONGHER EVENT SESSION #2: #WorkYourPlan Purpose Panel

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Over the course of the next 8 weeks I’ll be sharing clips from the sessions at the 2018 You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Event. “You Are Stronger Than You THink” is a lifestyle and leadership event for go-getter women and teen girls. Our yearly event is practical and inspirational. It’s a leadership event with the soul of a Christian women’s conference. We laugh. We cry, but we also provide incredible leadership advice for women and girls.

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In this week’s episode you will listen in on a dynamic session that speaks to women in all areas of leadership: Our signature #WorkYourPlan Purpose Panel

The You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Event is part Christian women’s conference, part business conference.

Our #WorkYourPlan Purpose Panel was a perfect illustration of this.

Our panelists were Khalilah Elliott of Disney Theatrical Group, Pamela Slim of Ke’ Small Business Learning Lab, Evelyn Gaskin of Leadership Excellence Development Academy and Angela Sticca Snyder of Taxanista. The discussion was moderated by Isha Cogborn of Epiphany Institute.

The panel discussion was worth the price of admission.

I love the combination of practical and spiritual wisdom shared by all our panelists.

In this session we dive into…

  • why when we are given a seat at the table we must use our voice
  • answering the question: how do you get people to take you seriously in a new endeavor when you’re known for trying multiple things?
  • what it means to say yes to the call of God on YOUR life
  • how to continue to trust God in the race of faith when life doesn’t unfold in the way you expected and so much more…

This entire series is going to benefit you if…

  • you’re stuck and you aren’t moving forward with the plans you sense are from God, because you fear making mistakes or failing in front of others.
  • you struggle with identifying your strengths and how to use them to make a contribution to yourself, your family and others.
  • you need a plan of simple actions you can take to start dreaming and living again.

Show Notes:

You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Event

Episode Quote:

“It’s always the work. Show the Work.” – Pam Slim

“You’re in the room. It’s actually a disservice to the people who saw something in you to not use your voice.” – Khalilah Elliott

“Is preaching the Gospel sexy you bet it is? Changing lives with the word of God…is sexy. Walking in your purpose and being fulfilled…is sexy.

If you say yes to the cause and the call for your life and you never look back, God is going to bless you!” – Min Evelyn Gaskin

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