The Go-Getter Woman’s Guide to 1 Day Goal Planning

Do you struggle with setting or achieving the goals you set for yourself? Do you want to set goals but you’re discouraged because of past failures? InĀ episode 38 of the podcast my special guest, La’Vista Jones of 31 Marketplace, and I share our individual approaches to identifying and achieving goals and how to form new beliefsĀ to support you in achieving your goals.

Download the one day goal planning worksheets mentioned in this episode: Go-Getter Woman’s Guide to 1 Day Goal Planning

In this episode we discuss:

    • Changing your perspective of goal planning
    • Deciding on your top 3 goals for the new year
    • Your mindset about the goal
    • Identifying your strengths
    • Leveraging your strengths to achieve the goal


Show Notes:

@lavistajones on instagram

La’Vista Jones of 31 Marketplace

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