August 21, 2019

Finding Your Voice As A Wife

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In today’s episode I’m talking with 2 dynamic women that I can’t wait for you to meet. They are transparent and wise. They entrusted their stories to me, a woman they didn’t know the week before. We met through the Entrusted Women Facebook Group, a group for Christian women communicators of color.

finding your voice as a wife podcast

My guests are Jessica Collazo & Debra Cheeks.

Jessica is a Chicago native with a heart that beats for Jesus. Her passion is to challenge women to think differently, gain a new perspective and live confidently. Because she knows, it’s possible. Jessica lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, Jerry, two sons and dog, Sawyer.

Debra Cheek is the wife of John Cheek, and a mom of 7. She is passionate about family, and that passion is most seen in her love for marriages. Her desire to see God’s people restore marriage to a place of honor has been channeled and grown through writing, as she published “The Believing Wife” in 2017, and through teaching bible studies, workshops, and seminars. In March of 2017, she founded Believing Wives Bible Study, a ministry designed to teach and train wives to fulfill God’s original plan for their lives and in so doing change their homes, communities, and the nation.

In this episode we discussed:

  • The hardest thing about the first 5 years of marriage
  • God’s power to heal marriages even when there’s been adultery
  • Forgiving yourself & your spouse
  • The role of discipleship and accountability in helping your marriage thrive
  • How to respond when you’re husband doesn’t share your faith
  • How do you submit in marriage without losing your voice?

This episode feels like a marriage masterclass. So much to chew on and glean from this discussion.

Connect with Debra on Instagram at @thebelievingwife and on Facebook: Believing Wives

Connect with Jessica on Instagram at @jesscoll721


Show Notes:

The STRONG Womanhood Growth Journal: Activate the Courage to Live Out Your Calling is a self directed guide for women who want to be active participants in their personal transformation and are looking for a process to mentor them through it. And it’s finally here!

Get it at Amazon: BUY THE BOOK

Entrusted Women Facebook Group

Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference

Ephesians 5:22-33


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