August 20, 2019

Finding Your Voice As A Woman

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finding your voice

Finding my voice has been about embracing the way I’m wired instead of thinking there was something wrong with me because of my southern accent, because of my acne prone skin, because I would prefer deep conversations to small talk, because I will attempt to read 3 books at once or because I would choose working out with you over chatting over coffee.

I have found my voice in little and small ways over the years. We’re going to use the word VOICE as our acronym for finding our voice:

V: List Your Values – Are they reflected in how you live your life?

O: Outcomes – How do you solve problems?

I: Inventory your strengths

C: Creativity – How do you express yourself?

E: Emotional intelligence

Why does finding your voice matter? How does God help us in this process?


Show Notes:

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Strengths Assessments:


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