December 6, 2018

Finishing Strong When You’re Tired with Kendra Tillman

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For the month of December our theme is The Year in Review.

Week 1: The Secret to Finishing Strong When You’re Tired

Week 2: Your Year in Review

Week 3: 3 Truths to Help You Finish Any Year Strong!

Week 1 is episode 35. The secret to finishing strong is not necessarily pushing harder, but embracing the rest your soul needs. In this episode we discuss:

  • Everything that grows and produces needs times to rest and recover. God has designed us to cycle between effort/work and recovery/rest.
  • When we allow time for rest and recovery, it allows things to grow stronger.
  • How do we allow time for rest when there’s still work to be done?
  • How do we slow down the pace of our lives to enjoy the holiday season?

What is the pace for how you plan to close out the year?


In preparation for next week’s session with my business buddy and dear friend, Isha Cogborn, start reflecting on your year by answering these 3 questions:

What are your 3 greatest accomplishments in 2018?

What did you try that you didn’t complete, but you plan to keep working towards in 2019?

What are 1-2 lessons learned in 2018 that will change how you approach 2019?


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