February 7, 2019

Real Talk about Raising Girls with Malissa Davis

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As we countdown to the 5th Annual YASTYT women’s conference, we’re kicking off our Meet the Mentor series. The Meet the Mentor series is your introduction to our event’s speaker-mentors. This month I’ll be releasing 2 episodes a week, on Tues & Thurs. 6 different interviews to give you insight into what you can expect if you join us for the conference.

Today’s episode is a real treat because I get to introduce you to a dear friend and one of our brilliant speaker-mentors. Malissa Davis is an expert Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist, and CEO of Best You Ever (B.Y.E.) she has found a way to seamlessly blend fashion, self-image, and personal branding. Before she moved away from Phoenix to Alabama to serve beside her husband, Pastor Damon Davis, in ministry she was my go-to stylist.

Malissa is further along than I am on this parenting journey. I couldn’t think of 2 better people than she and her daughter Taylor to champion our teen girls in uncovering their true brilliance.

I intentionally kept this interview short and sweet. Malissa answers a few questions about the importance of us providing this safe space for our girls. If you’re attending with a teen girl, I believe you’ll quickly hear that your girl will be in great hands with this dynamic duo.


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