February 12, 2019

EnJOY Your Life! with Pastor Erica Moore

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As we countdown to the 5th Annual You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Conference, we’re kicking off our Meet the Mentor series. The Meet the Mentor series is your introduction to our event’s speaker-mentors. This month I’ll be releasing 2 episodes a week, on Tues & Thurs. 6 different interviews to give you insight into what you can expect if you join us for the conference.

Today’s episode guest is Pastor Erica Moore. Pastor Erica is a wife and mother of 4, an author, Co-Pastor and First Lady of my home church & the location of the 2019 conference, Faith Christian Center! In 2008, she founded the Woman2Woman Women’s ministry featuring the life changing Woman2Woman online book club. She also hosts regular live and online events designed to assist women in developing godly self perception and reach their full potential. Pastor Erica will be apart of the Happiness Habits panel discussion at the 2019 conference. She’ll be talking about ways we can build positive emotion in our life.

Instead of an interview I’ve included a clip of a sermon she preached on Mother’s Day 2018 on “Enjoying Your Life”. Her humanity shines through as she vulnerably shares how her hope was deferred during a discouraging season and how God strengthened her and helped her rise out of grief and disappointment with joy.

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Show Notes

I Am Album – Angela Young 

Faith Christian Center Phoenix

For more from Pastor Erica visit her website at ericarenee.co

On Facebook and instagram @ericareneeauthor


Scripture: John 15:7-11

“Whatever you focus on will determine if you enjoy your life.” – Pastor Erica Moore

“In order to enjoy our lives we have to take time to connect with our Vine.” – Pastor Erica Moore

“Freedom doesn’t mean an absence from absolutes.” – Pastor Erica Moore


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