February 14, 2019

Hungry for God with Evelyn Gaskin

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As we countdown to the 5th Annual You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Conference, we’re kicking off our Meet the Mentor series. The Meet the Mentor series is your introduction to our event’s speaker-mentors. This month I’ll be releasing 2 episodes a week, on Tues & Thurs. 6 different interviews to give you insight into what you can expect if you join us for the conference.

Today’s episode guest is Min Evelyn Gaskin. Min Evelyn is our closing keynote. Min Evelyn is one of the wisest women I know. Not only is she accomplished… she simplifies leadership development by focusing on four critical areas – Servant Leadership, Courageous Leadership, Ethical Leadership and Effective Leadership. She’s a certified teacher, speaker, coach, published author and college instructor, Evelyn possesses over 30 years of leadership experience, including serving as a division vice president at one of the nation’s largest for-profit universities. She’s also a mom of 3. She’s going to help us balance our work and worship. The big question she’s helping us answer is how do we cultivate our relationship with God while leading others.

Instead of an interview, I share a clip of a sermon she preached in January 2019 on “Hungry for God” Her message was Part 5 in a series that was preached by our Pastor and church staff to help us set the year with God’s will as our priority.

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Show Notes

I Am Album – Angela Young 

Faith Christian Center Phoenix

Min Evelyn Gaskin instagram @leadexcellent


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