December 8, 2021

My Resilience Story: Recovering from Financial Loss

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In 2007/2008, my worst fears became a reality. When the real estate bubble burst, it was financially devastating for our family and for the families that had trusted our financial recommendation. Trust built through years of relationship was gone. 

As our finances and friendships unraveled, our marriage hit a very low point. We were drowning in debt and loss and we turned to each other to blame. We searched desperately for an answer of why this happened, despite our best efforts for it not to. 

My deepest fears were triggered and I began to question everything I knew about God.

If your head and heart are spinning from a storm in your life. Or maybe you’re out of the storm but you’re still healing from the trauma of the experience. Let me gift you with some hope today: You are stronger than you think!

I know the shame of unmet expectations and hope delayed. I know what it’s like to live in a state of wanting my circumstances to change and wondering how I would be able to move forward and be happy if they never did. We don’t have to live life defined by our current circumstances or our past mistakes. There are decisions we can make that result in lasting change.

For my own healing there was mental, emotional and spiritual work I had to do to move forward.

A few months ago, I had the privilege of sharing my resilience story on the Girl, We Need to Talk Show with Charity Bailey. The interview is live on YouTube today. Please click below to watch. If it ministers to you, please share the encouragement with someone you know needs hope today.

Before you go…

Fear wants you to believe that there’s safety within your comfort zone ––that God’s strength won’t fill in the gaps between yourself and what you lack to achieve your mission.

But fearfully settling for less in life gives us a false sense of security and stalls us from progressing towards God’s vision for our lives. That’s why I created the STRONG Womanhood Growth Journal to help you get unstuck.

The coaching, journaling prompts, and exercises inside are designed to help you silence Fear and Doubt, so you can reclaim your authentic voice and establish a biz or ministry that reflects your calling and core values.

Following the pain of a devastating, defining life moment, God, by his Holy Spirit, took me on a journey of reactivating my courage to live boldly and confidently for Him. Allow me to be your mentor, as I share my story, along with my S.T.R.O.N.G. framework for igniting and fanning the flame of God’s purposes for your life.

Click the image below for more details about the journal and to grab a copy for you or someone you care about!

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