May 8, 2019

Start Your Nonprofit or For Profit Business with Lauren Morgan

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I’m Kendra Tillman your host and the founder of StrongHer.Me where we encourage and equip go-getter women act more courageously in their calling as a wife, mom and entrepreneur.

In general, May is a big month for moms. There’s Mother’s day and graduations. High school graduations, specifically, are big days in a mom’s life. I know because our oldest daughter is graduating this month. High school graduation is when our children take a major step in their journey of crossing from childhood into adulthood. Over this school year, I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on my journey with her.

What I know to be true is engaged parenting requires emotional and physical energy.​ So much learning and impartation has happened, knowingly and unknowingly, in the last 17/18 years of our child’s life. It’s normal to feel inadequate.

“Did we do enough?”

“Should I have done that differently?”

“Will he/she be ok?”

“What kind of life will they have?” ​

“Will they seek out a relationship with God, when we aren’t around?”

These are some of the nagging questions we all ask as parents and mentors.

At this stage of parenting, it’s easier to notice our faults and the do-over moments we wish we could have. I’m here to encourage you, no matter where you are in your mothering journey, God’s grace is enough to cover all the ways we wished we had parented better.

Even though I haven’t done it perfectly, my heart is filled with gratitude and joy to have had the privilege to mother/mentor another human being for almost 18 years.​​

In celebration of this new season, everything we publish @StrongHerMe this month is to awaken the promises God gave you years ago (possibly even before you became a parent or mentor) but have possibly gone dormant for various reasons.​

One of the ways I stay present in this journey is by setting new goals. For a season of a few years I stopped setting goals, because I hated the feeling of setting a goal and not achieving it. After multiple missed attempts at achieving my goals I started to lose hope that what I imagined was possible. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to see goal setting differently than I did in early adulthood.​

I started setting goals, once I realized the value in goal setting was not in the achievement alone, but in the transformation I experienced in the process.  I now view goal setting as a form of vision casting (in writing). The process helps me to ask myself daily, “what choices will I make, today, that my future self will thank me for later?​”

Are you craving a similar shift in your thinking? Are you looking for a fellow mom and go getter to help you develop a plan to live more intentionally? I can equip you with the tools you need to set and achieve your most meaningful goals.​ This process I’ve learned over the years is how I’ve helped a diverse group of women reach their 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathon race goals. It’s also helped me organize and execute a transformative yearly women’s empowerment event since 2014.

I believe you will see goals as tools you can use to not only strategize, but execute on using our gifts and abilities more effectively. Being specific is important to making progress in your life. Making sure your goals reflect your values is also important.​ There’s one other element you may be overlooking that I want to share with you.

Mark your calendars and join me next Tues, May 14th at 6pm MST for a FREE 45 minute online workshop on this process.​

Register today: StrongHerMe #WorkYourPlan Goal Setting Workshop.

Ok. Now, let’s get to today’s episode (episode 48) of #WorkYourPlan with Kendra. Our guest is an attorney and one of my dearest friends, Lauren Morgan.

Lauren Morgan, esq of Activated Law

If confusion about the difference between a non profit and for profit, has slowed you down from moving forward, today is the day for you to get unstuck. In this episode Lauren breaks down the different business entities, misconceptions of nonprofits, protecting your intellectual property and she also addresses fears around hiring an attorney. It’s packed with value.

Note: This session was recorded live on Facebook, so you can view it on Facebook.com/strongherme.

If you’re ready to take a next step and need that personalized attention, I encourage you to reach out to Lauren Morgan at ActivatedLaw.com.

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