June 7, 2019

Self Doubt is Sabotaging Your Progress

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You’re listening to episode 49 of #WorkYourPlan with Kendra

I’m Kendra Tillman your host and the founder of StrongHer.Me where we encourage and equip go-getter women act more courageously in their callings as wives, moms and entrepreneurs.

Today you’re getting 2 episodes in 1.

In the first half of the podcast I share the audio for this week’s ‘Work Your Plan Wednesday: Self Doubt is Sabotaging Your Progress.’ I share how to start experiencing forward progress.

Note: This session was recorded live on Facebook, so you can view it on Facebook.com/strongherme. It’s been edited for the podcast.

Crystal Hollman

In the second half I share the interview I recorded back in April with Crystal Hollman of Crystal Clear Photography AZ. Crystal has been my event photographer for the last 3 events.

Episode 49 will empower you with a method to stop sabotaging your progress. We’re also sharing Crystal’s lessons learned growing her business, how it’s evolved, the season when she considered closing the business, behind the scenes of a brand photo shoot and how branding helps our businesses stand out from others and a quick tutorial for taking better photos on your phone! (linked to this blog post in the show notes)


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Until next time get out there work your plan and remember success is achieved….


Show Notes:

#WorkYourPlan Wednesday

Crystal Clear Photography AZ

Taking Good Photos with Your Phone


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