March 28, 2018

Ep 29 – 2018 STRONGHER EVENT SESSION #4: A Seat at the Table

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Over the course of the next 8 weeks I’ll be sharing clips from the sessions at the 2018 You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Event. “You Are Stronger Than You Think” is a lifestyle and leadership event for go-getter women and teen girls. Our yearly event is practical and inspirational. It’s a leadership event with the soul of a Christian women’s conference. We laugh. We cry, but we also provide incredible leadership advice for women and girls.

Khalilah Elliott

(photo credit: Focus First Photography)

This week’s episode is a clip from our lunch session. During lunch, Khalilah Elliott, one of our panelists and our facilitator lead our attendees through an interactive exercise, A Seat at the Table, that illuminates how women, in big and small ways, stop using our influence because of fear or because we’re waiting for permission.

Khalilah Elliott is the originator of this interactive experience. She is also the Executive Producer and Chief Creative Officer for Kay’s Food for Thought (@kaysfoodforthought) – a lifestyle brand that promotes health and wellness for the mind, body and soul. An engaging public speaker and brand strategist she also recently joined Broadway’s Disney Theatrical Productions as Marketing Director after five years in the same role at the world-famous Apollo Theater in New York City.

This entire series is going to benefit you if…

  • you’re stuck and you aren’t moving forward with the plans you sense are from God, because you fear making mistakes or failing in front of others.
  • you struggle with identifying your strengths and how to use them to make a contribution to yourself, your family and others.
  • you need a plan of simple actions you can take to start dreaming and living again.

Show Notes:

You Are Stronger Than You Think Women’s Event

Episode Quote:

“We all come into this life with backgrounds, challenges and circumstances that can be barriers…how we choose to be creative in overcoming them is up to us.” ~ Khalilah Elliott

“When you are at the table…you have the right to question the system.” ~ Khalilah Elliott

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