November 11, 2019

Boundaries and A Woman’s Body with Dr. Joia Creer-Perry

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I already had an episode planned where I talked to my cousin, an OBGYN about women’s health. I don’t normally talk about pop culture on my podcast but this week I’m making an exception. Why? Because of 2 news stories this month:

  1. Rapper TI takes his daughter to the gynecologist once a year to make sure she’s still a virgin and now
  2. Because of Kanye’s conversion, people are interjecting their beliefs about how his wife should start dressing.

I tend to keep my opinions about controversial things limited to what I share with people who personally know me because for the most part, opinions are opinions and everyone has one. In this case, I think both situations are about control. Control in any relationship, regardless of the circumstance can lead us to dangerous places. Respect isn’t found in control. Control comes from a place of fear.

Dr. Joia Creer Perry

In the second half of the show I share a conversation that I had with my cousin, Founder and President of the National Birth Equity Collaborative, Dr. Joia Creer Perry. She’s a thought leader around racism as a root cause of health inequities, Speaker, Trainer, Advocate, Policy Expert, and fighter for justice. She’s the recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus Healthcare Hero’s award and the Maternal Health Task Force at Harvard University Global Visionary Award for Commitment to Advancing Women’s Health.

She is married to Dr. Andre Perry and has three children: Jade, Carlos, and Robeson

Her love is her family; health equity is her passion; maternal and child health are her callings.

She is a wealth information around the history of maternal health in the US and advocacy of black infant and maternal health. We discuss how racism has permeated the quality of care black women receive in this country and the importance of all women, but especially black women, being our own mental and physical health advocates.


Show Notes:

National Birth Equity Collaborative

Join the Project

“I come from people who didn’t believe we were broken and needing to be fixed.” – Dr. Joia Creer Perry

“America was birthed by black women midwives until the 1920s or so.” – Dr. Joia Creer Perry

“Your doctor doesn’t know your body better than you. I believe we all come with some innate beliefs about ourselves.” – Dr. Joia Creer Perry


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