July 1, 2020

Reclaim Your Voice through Prayer with Chrystal Evans Hurst

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Chrystal Evans Hurst is one of my favorite podcaster-speaker-authors. She is anointed to encourage and equip others to live God’s best for their lives… all while engaging and being present in the small important moments that matter in the everyday.

Chrystal Evans Hurst prayer

Chrystal Hurst is here to talk about how a 28 day commitment can help us make prayer a habit in our daily lives. In this episode she recommends that in the midst of many voices telling us how to respond to the world’s problems, we seek God in prayer for wisdom and clarity for how we can be most effective. We end the episode with her answering several listener questions about prayer.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever wondered…

  • the role and purpose of prayer as we take action on the vision in our heart
  • how to cultivate your relationship with God through prayer
  • how to wrestle with disappointment through prayer
  • how to make prayer ongoing conversation between you and God


Show Notes

Words to Remember…

  • “If you still want it, pray for it.”
  • “We have to have the kind of faith today, we’ll be glad we had tomorrow.”
  • “You have to act today like you want to have the story to tell about how you acted tomorrow.”

Connect with Chrystal

  • ChrystalEvansHurst.com
  • instagram.com/ChrystalHurst
  • facebook.com/ChrystalHurst/


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