a podcast centered on helping women reclaim their authentic voice and overcome fears (and other mental barriers) tempting them to second guess their calling.


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a podcast centered on helping women reclaim their authentic voice and overcome fears (and other mental barriers) tempting them to second guess their calling

After 20 years of friendship and 13 years of marriage, LaSandra Hutchinson experienced the sudden loss of her husband in October 2017.  At the time, her children were 11, 10, 8, and 6 years old. Eager to learn all she could about grief and to rebuild a powerful life for her and her children, LaSandra […]

*BONUS EPISODE* Grief and Loss: Q & A with LaSandra Hutchinson

LaSandra Hutchinson Grace and Grief

What does it mean for God to be good? This common question is at the heart of what many of us will wrestle with when we experience some form of loss in our lifetime. Our guest, LaSandra Hutchinson is going to help us uncover how grief and loss has impacted our relationship with God. LaSandra […]

Grief and Loss: Questions of the Heart with LaSandra Hutchinson

LaSandra Hutchinson Grace and Grief

In today’s episode we’re discussing two topics we’re told never to talk about — religion & politics. We’re, specifically, talking about the intersection of faith and politics and how do we unify when the stakes feel so high in this year’s election. Our guest for episode 80 of the podcast is Sarah Bauer Anderson. Sarah […]

The Intersection of Faith & Politics with Sarah Anderson

Sarah B Anderson Faith and Politics

For the month of September where we will be talking about demystifying purpose. My conversation with Nicole Salmon centers around defining purpose and gaining clarity about your purpose. When we’re unclear on our calling, we feel stuck and left behind. In today’s conversation, my guest Nicole Salmon helps us demystify “purpose” by revealing the one […]

Demystifying Purpose with Nicole Salmon

Nicole O Salmon Purpose Coach

In the month of June we are reclaiming our voices. For this week’s #WorkYourPlan Wednesday I’m taking a step towards one of my action items – to be more informed about local government. We’re going to learn why local elections matter and how we become informed voters from my friend, Eshe Pickett, a community activist & […]

Reclaiming Your Voice: Advocacy, Elections and Our Laws with Eshe Pickett

Courage always comes with a cost. For the month of June we’re exploring what courage costs all of us and how courage helps us reclaim our voice for our God-given assignment. One of the things I pray is reclaimed from our anger and outrage around history continuing to repeat itself is our heart for advocacy. […]

Reclaiming Your Voice for Advocacy with Khalilah Elliott

Our guest for this BONUS episode is Felicia Davis of The Black Women’s Collective. Felicia is a bold, brilliant leader I’ve had the honor of getting to know over the last few years. Felicia started her career as an HR Assistant spending 20+ years in the trenches where she quickly rose up the ranks to […]

How To Break Free of Impostor Syndrome with Felicia Davis

Today is the 4th and final episode of our weeklong series, “Finding Your Voice.” If you missed previous episodes, I encourage you to go back and listen to them. Ep 51 Finding Your Voice As A Woman Ep 52 Finding Your Voice As A Wife Ep 53 Finding Your Voice As A Mom My guest […]

Finding Your Voice As A Visionary

I’ve always been an avid reader. Every type of personality assessment I’ve ever taken points back to my love of learning. Books have always been my friends. I’m always looking for book suggestions, especially during the summer. To celebrate 50 episodes, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite books with […]

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For a boost in mental energy and an improved state of mind knowing and operating from your strengths is essential.

We feel more productive and less stressed at work and home when we operate from our strengths.

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