February 14, 2020

Relationship ROI: Loving others without damaging your soul

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For the month of February our conversations are centered around what it means to love yourself.

ep 68 Relationship ROI with Kelli Center

Our guest for episode 68 of #WorkYourPlan with Kendra is Kelli Center, a Licensed Professional Counselor/Mental Health Therapist of Centered Living Counseling & Coaching Services.

Kelli is passionate about helping individuals to become mentally and spiritually whole so they can be free to live their best life. She feels especially called to bridge the gap between the spiritual and mental health communities, dispelling misconceptions that keep people of faith from receiving the support necessary to meet their mental and emotional needs.

In this episode Kelli asks women (and men) to consider the ROI of their relationships. Are your relationships mutually beneficial? We talk about how our desire to feel happy all of the time could actually be hurting us and how to manage the disappointment of broken relationships without damaging your self confidence.


Show Notes:

Download the free ebook, Suicidal Thoughts and Jesus

On Purpose: Practical Strategies for Living Your Best Life

Connect with Kelli Center: Website: www.CenteredLivingCounseling.com Facebook: facebook.com/kcenterLPC Instagram: @kellicenter_lpc


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